In 2005, Ji Hwan Hong made his first appearance in the world of music when he performed with the world-famous pianist Alice Sara Ott and won first place at the Young International Piano competition EPTA Osijek in Croatia.

Hong, who has already won numerous awards in his home country, South Korea, came to Germany in 2003 to study under world-famous professor Karl-Heinz Kämmerling. He showed his musical skills during the piano competition in Croatia (2005) and in many international competitions including Val Tidone, the Cassagrande in Italy, and Germany’s ZF Music Award.

With professor Kämmerling’s passing, Hong continued his studies under professor Roland Krüger and proceeds to spread his name in the music industry in international competitions such as the Anton Rubinstein, the Sendai or the Leeds competition.

Among the various notable concerts Hong played internationally, the ones standing out are the chamber music concert during the Beijing Festival in 2001, which he got invited to, and his performance at the famous German Festival, the Kissinger Sommer 2006. After his outstanding performance at the Kissinger Sommer, Hong was reinvited the following year to play once again. Hong was also the musical ambassador for the 70th founding anniversary of the South Korean marine and focused on Rachmaninoff. His highly concert active career can be proven in countries such as Germany, Hungary, Italy, Russia, England and South Korea.

In South Korea, Hong studied under professors Mi-Kyung Kim and Dae-Jin Kim at Yewon School and finished with top grades. Furthermore, he studied for nine years in Hanover under professor Karl-Heinz Kämmerling and graduated with a perfect score. He concluded his studies in 2016 after three years of education by professor Krüger. Therefore, he finished with the highest possible degree of musical education, the so called summa cum laude. Since 2015, Hong has been a musical assistant to professor Roland Krüger and teaching several students.

Hong succesfully participated in several master classes from renowned professors such as Jerome Rowenthal, Jerome Rose, Dmitry Aleexiv, John Perry and many others.

Since 2019, Ji Hwan Hong has been working as a renowned violist and violinist répétiteur for the class of professor Kufferath through which his violin duo repertory has been expanding considerably.